Tuesday, April 28, 2009


as to todays post title.
yesshh; im in the hype to blog and yeah.
gonna make this a sort one.

yeah; you know how i did that whole description thng-a-majig.
practically my whole class is doing it now.
and again they've fell into becoming as lifeless as me.
nahhh; their all great.
and hah. (perasan moment)
i am the leader to all this awesome description writing :D
okay; moment over.

have been reading others description about me;
as much as i hate labels; altough i keep giving them to people.
mine happens to always include my pencilbox.
which is this big case with coloured stripes.
and yeah; its real stuffed.
with colour pencils too :D i know everyone's jealous :P

okay back to me being self centered:
2a4(posted by wong yu han)-Quek Mei Yen:...............
Aileen:Emily- I knew her since 2008, so not counted. But she's NICE.
Alvin:- Currently sitting beside me. An English- speaker. XD
Chee Hong:Her pencilbox is like doraemon's pocket....ROFLMAO.
Ying Chuan:Quek Mei Yen - Emily! Sorry for menghilangkan ur ball pen -.- her pencilbox is full of things. Colour pencils too! ^_^.
WanLi:Quek Mei Yen-behind me

em yeah; that's about it.

nights : )

Monday, April 27, 2009

optimism; direct me

screams to the world :D
yeah, posting my long overdue post.
just to let the world know im still alive.
well; this blog is preety much dead.
been browsing my classmates bloggies. so cute weih; i did that whole description thing on the previous post, now its like everyone in my class who has a blog is doing it.but sorry to say, i was just being lifeless. and i lead everyone into this deep dark hole of being lifeless as well.

friday: oh yeah, it was tat shings birthday on friday. so yeah, sorry for not wishing you on that day. Happy Belated Birthday anyways :D
had bible knowledge quiz on friday. which was super hard, it would have been easier if i actually read the right version. my own fault. ohwells. no thanks to melissa and hoien who ditched me :/
you guys owe me. they were suppose to go aswell.
i did completly last minute studying and im not very proud of it, but im happy i actually went for the quiz. jo-ee went for the quiz too :D at least she didn't ditch me. yeah, she finished really fast. ahah. we both tembaked quite alot. after that went for kh. did more of the wood work stuff.
used that 'spirit' thingy which make your hand go all cool. hah. i screwed my whole project thingy. and i broke the MDF board thingy. gahh. i suck at living skills. after recess was my last hours with Sze Min. (sounds like im dying or something); nahhh. that's cause as of now we've changed places. she's like so far away from me now.
you'll never ever get bored sitting next to her and hui zhi. they're just this big box of randomness. had the lst two periods off. we had to go to the tapak to gather. i sat with Darrelle and did really retarded things. trust me; it was VERY retarded. woo yeah, we; okay fine i did really stupid things wiht my nails. i drew on them with highlighters. darelle made them colourful. lollers. its not hard to admit she's as crazy as me. and then we drew all over our hands. before leaving class, qian ying and i were talking about really private stuff. TKH (: arghh. obssesive.
ahah. she knows. then went home. spent my friday night really lifelessly. nothing worth blogging about.

wasted fuel. woke out at some insane hour to go for school activities and then realized that it was friggin cancelled. argh. i ought to check the studd board. was suppose to finish my PE project and finish up homework. instead, all i did was laze around and add radiation to my laps. was playing with the laptop. some retearded game- chuzzles to be exact. yeshh. i know;
went to church in the afternoon for nst.
next stop: Brandon's
it was his birthday party. i gave him a note-card thingy with really touchy words inside :D i was suppose to go earlier, thank God i didn't it would have been such a dragg.picked up jeanni jie and left for brandons. Brenda was there. i feel for her mann; its like ever since brandon and ahemm were together, frigging brandon hardly ever layan's her. i mean its okay to go crazy over his girlfriend. but brenda dosen't even live in the same house as him. the least he could do is care about his own sister for a change when she's back right? ughh. well. it was a surprise to see brandon's friends. how could i put this; they're all very INTERESTING? and ariel. ughh, she's really photogenic? when we reached his house. we saw the tent and was like, woah he's odering catering, and then we saw the lamb, and agian. tought it was gonna be friggin grand.yeah, then faith belle and jewel came. my three favourite little cousins :) we had dinner. yeah the satay and lamb. UGH AWESOME PARTY? what was the tent for anyway...
the house was practically turned into an indoor bar. that's cause my uncle owns a pub.
so not healthy for childrens brains. tskkk.
after dinner everyone went up to the second floor to watch some stupid horror movie. yeshh, agian mind polluting.
so being the awesome cousin i am; being really perasan now,
i preveted my inocent cosuin belle and slightly polluted mind of faith from being polluted by that movie. we all stayed in brandons room. i temaned them, being really retarded and kiddy.
i mean, face it. my eight year old cousin is on facebook. and there they are watching mindless movies. yeah, and their the ones who's 16? yahh.
we played with balloons :D
i love those thing. plastic with saliva and air in them. those things are just the bommm;
yeah, then li-ann joined me and belle, faith.
we drew on our balloons. then hunee joined in,
so basically i was running a firggin kiddy entertaining section :D
me likee. and babbies jsut love me :D
we were playing retarded games with the balloon. took pictures of belle.
who is now confirmed the youngest poser ever. she will be the futures camwhore champ.
knoced out MICHELLE LUM WEIHH; ahah. please dont kill me :)
yeah. jeanni jie called me a friggin BIMBO. A BIMBO.
getting it from her, its almost like a compliment :P ahh. i know. im being bimbotic now.
yeah well, no offence to his so called "honoured guest" and "friends". the least they could do is sing the BIRTHDAY boy his BIRTHDAY SONG. right? gawdd. damn annoying. and all his friends did was stand behing the counter . not to be judgementful or anything,
but they were just irritaiting.
steph eeee. did all the singing. and belle stood infront of the cake,
so it was practically like belle's birthday/
so cute, she blew out the candles on the cake.
yeah, brandoes was like some kind of celeb. i was part of the papparazzi.
haha's.yeah, and qian ying called me.
after that i escaped to steph eeee's house.
leaving poor brenda alone. IM SORRY D:
finally, proper ac in her house. uncle simon had to cook for me and faith
cause the dinner wasn't that proper.
c'mon, who can call lamb and satay: dinner?
pfttt. belle is an eating machine mannn;
she just never stops.
after that, i helped out with facebook.
because well, they suck at using technology :P
well honestly, during the party,
i mean my cousins were acting more mature then SOME PEOPLE.
and some of them were dressed wuite indecently,
sorry to judge again. but faith was dressed like some school girl.
haha. so nerdy 8-) like in the british movies.lollies.
and yeah, they were drinking alcohol. which is BADDD. bad for health okay....
i sound like some health freak.
blabber. after that went home and dropped dead.

sunday: church.finished my last minute PE folio. well, added the finishing touches ;)

well, thank you for the best civics project team mebers ever:
aileen, becky, hui zhi, sze min, jo-ee, kai shin, xin yin.
they were so understanding, cause i totally blew it at losing the pictures.
ahhh. the guilt will be wiht me forever D:
oh yahh. and thanks aileen for such comforting words :D
loveee you. she's the best.
was so relived after that.
sorry steph for dumping all my stress on you with all the complaints and stuff.
i owe you bigg ;D

well, yeah, then there's today. im sitting wiht this guy: Neoh Alvin. blog linkkie is on the side pane. so far, he has potrayed himself as a money minded, cruel and in serious need of counciling guy. yeah, sorry if im so harsh. I MISS SZE MIN D: i wasnt her beside me again. she makes me laugh at the most random things.and hui zhi and zhi xuan D: im still at the back of the class. and my cacated eyesight isn't making it any easier to see the firggin words on the board.
oh yeshhh, Mr Guna. my formteacher told my class about this interclass drama thingy for from 2 students to take part in. yaadiyaadiya.
yeah, cause my class was so noisy, we didn't get to the ellestcing and nominating part yet.
it sounds COOL ;D
thats the only thing about the drama i can blog about.

to qiao xin: choy and yok are so yuck now :P

yeah went for boring 3worddd tuition. LOOK LOOK LOOK.
michellelumm. inside joke. if she's not too dense; she'll get it.
and my brother bought krispe kreme. its like a francise thing.
and it's finally reached malaysia. my brother's friends used to buy it from aussie.
but now, we can get it from like times square and midvalley. altought i loathe those two malls.
sorry; but ou is still the best. they better branch there pronto.
and my brother bought back some.
so thanks kor :D

thats all for this really long post.
pictures will be up soon.
nights. its late.

inside joke. KHAI WEI.
ahah. okay. nights

Thursday, April 9, 2009

the person you want to be with;

it's good friday tomorrow.
yeah; coming from a missionary school.
im gonna have the day off;
haha suckers.
yeah; it's been pretty much schoolish
and i just realized yesterday that pretty is spelled 'pretty' not 'preety'.
well, that's how i've been speeling it for the past 14 years of life.
have been inviting people to go for cf's easter rally. hav
and people go "that's the one with the egg's right?"
yeah. if you tought that.
you really have to come for easter rally; bad.
khai wei and zhong zuan.
so badly want my ticket;
too bad loserrss.
cause i've got'em and you don't.
khai wei hates me now and zhong xuan's middle finger is really long.
i think im labelled as quiet or antisocial in class.
that's a laugh. hate stupid labels.
well; i do socialize. and; i wrote a bunch of new lyrics.
khaiwei says their awesome.
aghh; yes i know im really self centered.
well abit more about le class.
never really said anything about that load.
i'll follow the contact list thing.
for those of you who will continue reading;
you are as lifeless as the one who posted this ;D
well; giving myself a test on how much i know my own classmates.
sorry if i offended any of you. it isn't my intention at all.
just for laughs.
awesome for everyone. cause im in the same class as them p:

aileen: awesome. has lots of nicknames. and gives nicknames. socialite
audrey: awesome.soon to be author of the world's next best selling author.
zhi xuan: awesome.very dedicated class monitor. super hardworking. debator.
wan li: awesome. calls herself cawan. really random; in a good way
sze min: awesome. i can relate to her. cause i suck in math. and she has lots of math question.
but she does not suck in math. huizhi's her other half.
qian ying: awesome. overly self concious. i have to shut up when im with her.
darrelle: awesome. she's fierce. she'll probably kill me when she see's this.
wei-xin: awesome. sweet. selfproclaimed robot; righttt.
karen: awesome. singss. well, she dosen't know i know. cause i eavesdroped; not a habit tough.
yin jun: awesome. she's good at pingpong. really nice.
ying ying: awesome. really nice. girlguide-er. sat next to her on the first day of school.
yee ern: awesome. singss too. smart. karen's other half.
xinyin: awesome. the girl whom i know holds the most post in form2. krs-er
khaisin: awesome. nice. has the cutest laugh you'll ever hear in your life; trust me.
yuet ling: awesome. told me that it isn't pbsm but bsmm.
hui zhi: awesome. szemin's other half. librarian with a post. makes lots of announcement.
shin yin: awesome. i didn't think a person could be that smart; seriously.
yong jia: awesome. girl guide-er. really sweet.
me: that retard sitting infront of the class :D
rebecca: awesome. basketball player. simple plan fanatic
khai wei: awesome. super retard who wants to steal my tickets. ;D
yu ning: awesome. you can never get bored with her.
jo-ee: awesome. asst. class monitor. always get accused of eating. results of having braces.
sue mun: awesome. helpfull.

24 girls in my class; now for the next 24 guys.
im killing my time in the most useless ways.
shi ken: awesome. guy who sits next to me.
a.y. jia wei: awesome. liverpool fan; i know cause im not a fan of liverpool and he sits behind me.
hong fatt: awesome. treasurer. empties my pocket every alternate month. sits next to khaiwei;
where i sit during every art period.
wing sum: awesome. yeah, dude in my class.
wei jian: awesome. one of them prefects.
ivan yap: awesome. ocassionaly sits on my place.
ting jie: awesome. the class cleaniness dude. never fails to ask me to sweep the floor when it
comes to my week.
zong xuan: awesome. the guy with a really long middle finger. who wants to steal my tickets.
jin-wei: awesome. the only one daring guy to do a solo oral presentation in front of the class.
jian jack: awesome. lm dude? ask teachers alot of questions. i know cause i sit in front of the
al vin: awesome. tall dude from my class.
chee hong: awesome. one of the one who creates attention. sits on the same table in the lab.
ying chuan: awesome. same as the above. took my pen today and lost it; its okay. it was an old
jer shyan: awesome. desmond's cousin.
jia wei: awesome. chinese rep, yeah
shez han: awesome. yeah, dude.
ven zheat: awesome. one of them prefects. sits next to ying ying.
tat shing: awesome. sports addict. goes for loads of competitions.one of the prefects.
kah mun: awesome. primary school classmates as well.
su onn: awesome. high socks.
xi jun: awesome. yeah, dude from my class.
yu han: awesome. knows more about politics than my mom.
shein weng: awesome. tall dude from band.

yeah. thats my classmates.
they're all awesome. sorry if you got blinded by the 'awesome' words.
gahh. im reall sleepy now.
p.s. will add colours and stuff. yeah, edit it another time. immalazynow.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


i've been gone for a really long time.
used a big word for this post.
i don't actually understand the word but it sounds dangerous;
school today was a little deprssing.
there were so many people who cried today.
and i suckkk ditt; at consoling people.
anywayss; showed khai wei my latest entry :D
at least she appreciates it.
picture day;
worst picture day ever.
dot. i was standing next to khai xin and becky was it?
April Fool's Day.
it was yesterday. and i heard someone prank her friend today and shouted April Half Day.
it was so funny. i just couldn't stop laughing.
if you couldn't catch that. you're the fool ;d
times i got pranked: 4
everyone uses the same phrase "look, you're shoes are untied". that is so not working.
and i had an failed attempt to prank Amanda.
who is really awesome.
just sitting there taking in all my crap each day;
you're the best;
i was like: amanda, i forgot today's april fool's day.
amanda: yeah,
me: can i prank you?
amanda: ok.
me: ahh. there's a spider on your head.
amanda: oh. ok.
my freaking english teacher pranked the whole class on the " everyone would have to minus five marks for not following the instructions".
that one really scared me loads.
had art yesterday and the class was quite empty cause all the choral speakers went for their practice and; yeah.
sat with khai wei.
and then zhong xuan (sorry if i got your name wrong) sat infront of us.
they were trying to open my glue cause it was stuck and i told them i would get them concert tickets to David Archuleta if they could. haha. they were fighting over my glue.
and they almost broke it;
"I WANT MY TICKETS". private joke :D
to all david archuleta haters; im not taking sides. it's just that he's in town.
im going; with none other than shukies.
im not sure if im actually allowed to post this.
but if you want to kill me;
and to the other; i miss you guys alott.
Khai Wei don't get mad at me okay.
i've been pissing her off.
she's awesome.
she's just really jealous that im going and she's nottt ;p.
tribute to wei-xin.
you're awesome okayy. im not really good at being a friend.
you'll just have to take in all my crap :D
she's zonked me mann.
with all the volley stuff.
gahh; she's such an athelete.
and i love her.
ahh; you're lazy steph.
i know im the reason you're lazy. sorry :d
and i have a personalized stalker;
haha. love that awesomeer.
met her off facebook.
times like this;
i lift my head up high and thank facebook.
American Idol.
my favourites are still in :D
whoompers for that.
really awesome :)
awesome stuff.
and krisss.
can't wait for adam to be outtt;
hate in out of my mind;.
thank God i have ASHWAE to hate him with me.
if Adam wins; America is just wrong.
please don't sue. im just expressing opinion here.
another day at school tomorrow;
ohkays. that's the end of the really long post.