Monday, August 31, 2009

no more clever idea's

cameron pictures-part 3
quite honestly, i can never get clever ideas for post titles.
i dont get inspired as often as some people do.
so yeah, just a simple explanation to the stupid title.
my blog is super wordy, and boring.
so im making an effort to make it more pictureish and balance it out with words.
Boh tea plantation showroom.

tea plantation.
the greeness of it is simply amazing.
and the smell of tea is just everywhere :)

you'll see that practically everyway in the plantation.

the super awesome view.
but yeah, my camera is not as canggih as both my uncles one,
so yeah, the quality is a little off.

the one and only passion fruit,
outside the bungalow.

THE MAZE- bee farm
ahahahah. this one was good.
we got so lost.
we tried cheating and ended up getting even lost-er.
the very sesated bunch :)
and yeah, it sorta reflects on life,
how we get lost, but there is always a way out. we just have to pesevere and never give up.
the sense of satisfaction just boilled in us when we chopped our tickets.
YES, we did finish it.
and even got a keychain :p
the bee's.
doing their thing ;)

this thing will give children nightmares!

woo's and ahh's :)

private joke ;)
just for future reference.
incase of serious need of laughter :D


english tea :)

show off. :

trisha's brother.
with his spiderman pyjamas!!
omg. super cute.
they all had really weird pj's.
with loadsalove,

clear skies;

cameron pictures-part 2
hibiscus :) the bunga raya.
big and preety.
SEE!! i told you the skies were preety.
the place where we stayed in.
hah, what a name.
even on holiday we need to reminded that there is such an exam.

li-ann,trisha,faith, trisha's brother who's name i can't spell
in the very sleek convertable ;)
haha, it rained like every five minutes.
so they had to close it at the end.
God's very amazing creation.

i love this picture :D
he was really yummy.
and he looked really innocent.

where we had a very unique steamboat lunch.
i have to say it was good ;)

steamboat-Mayflower restaurant.

jewel and uncle simon.
they look alike, don't they :)
ANDDD, uncle simon looks like a footballer with his jeacket on.
he makes christiano ronaldo look bad!! :D

Bala's teahouse.
food there was very expensive.

Jewel. :]

Tea room- Bala's.
we had tea in the garden :)
very awesome.

My brother and I.
yeah, he's just being gay.
the pictures were loaded randomly.
so it's not in chronogical order.
loves, bye


well, im not sure about you. but i am really proud of our country.
everyday we hear complaints about how bad our government is,
and how our education system suck.
it may all be true.
but why not be thankful for what that is already there?
God has blessed us with peace and racial harmony.
and what more,
Malaysia has the best food and travel :D
you know you have to agree with me ;D
and yeah, if you want a change.
why not be the change?
rise up and be the next genaration :D
okay, i sound so motivational right now ;)
reached home last night at around 1.
yeah, went to the mamak last night.
what a way to start merdeka right!!
had breakfast this morning at another mamak.
yeah, thats about it.
we're starting school tomorrow.
so, yeah.
we'll se what awaits ;D

Sunday, August 30, 2009

drifting away;

i don't know what to think right now,
it may all just be me.
but yeah, there's just so much all so sudden.
and yeah, im commiting everything i have to God.
good or bad.
i know He'll always be there for me.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

monkey poopies;

to shuks, steph.
thanks for trying to make me feel better.
to nicole,
the superhottt one in perth ;)
thank you so much for making me feel better with all your chatter :)

Friday, August 28, 2009


im back from camerons :D
it was awesome.
there are too many pictures.
and im lazy to elaborate.
a little inside on what all we stupido's did :D
imma lazy to elaborate.
and im really sorry for the really long an depressing previous post.
enjoy :D
ashley :)
posing with my shades.
she looks so gangsta ;D

this is what kids do when they just have too much sugar.
they go all high and,
yeah. you get the picture.

and her very adorable hoodie.

woo, so bimbo :d

trisha :)
i love this girl.
she's just so cute.

we're cooking brandon's head :D
it was delicious by the way :)

me and brandon :)

my favourite shot.
they were pointing at this reallyreallyreallyhugehugething nothing.
im off.
if you're lucky i'll post more ;D
you know you want it!
haha, fine.

for some reason;

i thought i could trust you.
the one i run to whenever i need to talk to,
the one who understands me.
how do you expect me not to get mad when you hit me with something so hard.
so sudden.
yeah, its good that you know you're being a betch about everything.
i can't just convince myself its for the better,
cause that is just too damn selfish of yourself
sure you can get over your stupid life.

but you'll hurt everyone around you.
am i suppose to convince you not to leave?
you think you're some great person who can heal me after partially killing me.
with all your pitiful sorries.
the one i run to when i need to cry about stuff,
at the very end made me tear the most.
we've been picking up your shit for ages.
no, you're not leaving cause you dont want people to hurt us.
you just cant take any of the hurt yourself.
so you're making yourself seem so inconsiderate.
yeah, this may be hurting you like crazy,
but you'll never endure the pain im going through now.
i've gone through you being so friggin selfish with your thoghts.
you think its easier leaving with me hating you?
well, i don't.

i sound so selfish right now, but its my turn.
maybe i dont want you to leave.
it could be, of course.
how could i?
after all we've been through.
but how can i convince myself you leaving is better?
its all so effed up.
its just because you're so caught up in the world with what others think.

there is so much more i can say,
but what's the point,
do you still want to listen?
you always want it your way and run away from your problems.
then what the hell am i here for?
im just something you run to and then at the end after finally realizing i cant help you that much you decide to leave.

x-this is for you,
just to save you some dignity,


yeah, thanks for everything.
not that you care anymore.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


hello, short one.
with pictures :D
my favourite-est kakak yet.
haha, faith's to be exact.
we love you :D
and yeah, dont mind my english
with the very yumm cake ;D

cameron's here we come.
yeah, we're awesome.

haha, you'll never know what's in her brain.
you'll know its scary by the looks of her.
dearest belle!!

will be off to cameron's for 3 days.

will get you seomthing in school :)
early wish.
boohoo to all you losers :p

bye, loves :D

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

im no terapist;

hey world,
yeah, the one's who still faithfully come to my blog ;D
should i feel flattered or guilty that people actually still come back to my hardly ever updated blog.
its like im wasting everyone's time :/
this post is dedicated to: JO-DASH-EE
the official and qualified personal stalker of, ivan.
after her nagness encouragement, i've decided to update.
today has been, slowish.
went to school in the morning, and was placed at a very very cold spot in the library (notice the doubled very's). it was super cold where i was sitting.
tried to do my notes. practically failed ):
SAW IT D: note to self: never walk alone in case of such emergencies.
ah pickels, my blogging skills suck. nevermind, its for the sake of updating ;)
talked to a bunch of people who didint seem to mind the coldness.
tzeyenn and tzejunn. the twins, ahh. they are so funny.
when me and steph converse, they laugh at words i use.
cause i add the word "ish" and "ing" at the back of every word.
yeah, it was really funny.
and yeah tzeyenn, we found your 3 GUY escorts ;D
went for the ever dreaded computer class. sat with steph and played with paint :D it's okay, we know we're lifeless BUTTT creative ;d
anyone who sits on my computer would be so lucky to explore the masterpeices.
sorry, had the self indulgance moment.
please, please, please.
don't be too sad. its like really freaky not to see your usual random and retarded self. ahhh.
im no tut.tut.tut expert but i can see that you're really down.
and yeah, im no terapist but if there's anything i can help you with, FEEL FREE;D
and yeah, its getting to joee too :(
holisdays are like 2 days away. can't wait.
me and steph are gonna vandalise ou.
muahahaha. okay fine, not vandalise
tootsies ;D
P.S m.a.t.s. plan something!! its an order from le superman!!
kidding, lemme know kay ;D