Wednesday, November 28, 2007

hear your heart beat, scream out what your hearts desire...

well... hi :) . for some reason , i went to school today. in all the days of my school life... i never tought it would ever be sooooooo boring. me , ruey ying , josephine , yat kuan were there like at 7:00 . it was nuts.

the longest 5 hours in my life ! ! ! ! ! trust me . I wished more people had went there. we ( i mean , I ) was freaking out when i passed by classes. for some reason....

well... december's almost here . here are some important dates


1. 1 dec' Fang Yin's 12 birthday .

2. 7 dec' My dad , Ruey Ying , Ann ee ee , uncle soo kai , ashlee's dad birthday

3. 9 dec' SIB(KL) :my cuhrch's christmas celebration

4. skip to the good parts....

5. 23 dec' my cousin sister's 2nd birthday & christmas party :)

6. 24 dec' CHRISTMAS EVE. Belle's birthday

7. 25 dec' CHRISTMAS !!! presents....

anymore important dates you guys might want me or everyone to know leave a comment :)

just do this ....

Got tagged ! Just name 20 people off the top of your head and do the thing.

1. Michelle
2. Allyna
3. Pei Ming
4. Shuk Ling
5. Ying Xi
6. Sue Anne
7. Hui Shin
8. Justin
9. Wei Lik
10. Yan Hui
11. Hong Yee
12. Yee Mun
13. Nicholas
14. Li Wei
15. En ni
16. Isabelle
17. Joshua
18. Ying Ying
19. Fang Yin
20. Thomas

Questions:1. How did you meet number 14 (Li Wei)? I think he was in my Standard3 (3K)

2. What would you do if you had never met Number 1 (Michelle)?I wouldn't be living such a happy life.

3. Describe Number 3 (Pei Ming).Haha, funny person. sometimes emotinon-less. Dog-lover and is very helpful

4. Do you think No.8 (Justin) is attractive? Haha, the girls seem to like him.

5. Tell me something about No.7 (Hui Shin) Hui Shin. great person and helps you out alot. I've known her since standard 3 (3K) We're still friends now .

6. Do you know anything about no.12's (Yee Mun) family? Not really. But i am certainlly sure their family know what girl power is all about.She has like 3 sisters...

7. What is No.11's (Hong Yee) favorite? friends, family... the basics... i think

8. What would you do if 11 (Hong Yee) confesses that he/she likes you?Haha!! I would be shocked. But that isn't gonna happen ....

9. What language does 15 (En ni) speak? English. Chinese . and the language from Japan... Anime(lol)

10. Who is no.19 going out with (Fang Yin)? hmm... Wei Lik of course! :D UNLESS...

11. How old is no.16? (Isabelle) twelve going on 13. but here height belongs to a 15 year old :)

12 When was the last time u talked to 13 (Nicholas). Graduation .

13 Who's 2's (Allyna) favourite singer? erm ... singers of non-demonic songs ...

14 Would you date number 4 (Shuk Ling) ? Haha ? if she wants to . but im no lesbian.

15 Would you date 7 (huishin) haha, don't think she'd would be intrested

16 Is 20(thomas) single? yes. i think so . hahaha.

17. What is 10's (yan hui) last name ? khow.

18.What school does 3 (Pei Ming) go to ? primary : puay chai \ secondary:SMKDJ

22. Where does 6 (Sue Anne)live? Sunway .but moving next year.

23. What's your favorite thing about number 5 (Ying Xi) almost everything. yeah also her love of green

that took a long time. ... now it's time for me too tag :) grin...

everyone and anyone who has a blog. yingxi must do this .....

Tuesday, November 27, 2007



this is funny


i've been tagged :)

Ying Xi , tagged me : /

~~~RulesThe tag victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.If you are tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again.Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

My perfect lover a HE...

1)he has to love me for who I am

2) kind, loving, remebers my birthday . hehe :)

3) understands how i feel , cheers me up when im down

4) says hi to me eventough it is the totally wrong time

5) shares some of the intrests I have

6) he must not be a smoker/heavy drinker or gambler

7) he should never be too rude

8) he must not have too bad grades. also must be good in english . not a malay / indian

erm, hope my expectations are not too high :\

NEXT VICTIMS: anyone and everyone who reads this

Friday, November 16, 2007



it was really a moment in my life have i ever felt like this...

when i went to school this morning, i realized it will be my last day in that school sitting on my desk. my heart already felt like it was gonna burst. everyone was so happy, and i was thinking back about everything that have happened in the very school i studied in for 6 years.

then it was time to go into the hall... somedumb speeches... and then some other lame things. when it was time to sing our graduation song i couldnt really feel anything . but when it came to singing " you yi wan shui " sue anne started to cry like hell. i saw her and started crying .

it hit me that she has been my friend for sooo long. we have had sooo many ups and downs . this whole half year like i wasnt so close to her. but everything didint matter anymore. everyone was hugging each other . even tought they were enemies . i t was a really touching and unforgetable moment of my life. this post may be really stupid but it is one of the things i need to remember.

sue anne, mates, ying's, huis hin, hong yee, yee mun, yat kuan, and everyone else. thank you for a great time this time of my life.


as the time passes by ...

it has been really sad these few days ... to fill you in in all the events :

1) got my UPSR results ... didint really get marks i wanted.
2) HM & Luo Fu's farewell
3) Graduation...

our headmistress farewell was such a big deal... alot of people attended it . i , me yes , me had to sing in choir again with the pethetic outfits ... but it all seemed so sad. the next day was luo fu's farewell, it seemed even sadder . its like everyone seems to slowly start to say goodbye.

I got 4 a's for my UPSR. I got really dissapointed. i cried . (i know , im pethetic) but thanks to one of my mate's letter it really got a smile on my face again =D . if you read this , it did make perfect sense

will tell you about graduation in next post.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

pictuers =)

gorgeous . people whom I think are Gorgeous.

6K: Ying Xi. Ying Ying. Fang Yin. Hui Shin. Yee Mun. Hong Yee. Caryn.
6E: M.A.T.S

Dedicated to : Ying Xi . ShukLing & all the green lovers.

also to prove that there is such things as green flowers

To all colour crazy people:

Allyna& others

For people who smile too much .


Justin. Wei Lik

Baskin Robbins
To all who are ice cream crazy :
Hui Shin & loads
send me a comment or message . i'll post a picture of you requested category

Sunday, November 4, 2007

things i hate... i think you would too

1) giving others directions to my house

2) cold toilet bowl seats

3) the fact that i am rushing and the traffic lights turn red.

4) runnig out of pencils during exams

5) when someone scares me or push me when im writing

6) needing to sneeze or cough while im eating

7) people assuming im dumb

8)wanting to drink water but there isnt any left in my bottle

9)when i am rushing to pass up my art wich is still in my art block and i accidently tear it

10) car reflections : they make you look then times fatter , thiner , longer or shotter

there will be more of what i hate..

if you agree with any of this post a comment = )


ladies and gentleman... boys and girls.

that is in fact one of the sickness i have got .

this virus can only spread to 3 people at a time . so far the one's who have got it are : me , caryn , justin.

: acts very weird. makes people laugh. lauhgs at almost anything. is very funny. smiles aloy

well... thats all i can say .

=) smiles