Saturday, May 30, 2009


go to shukies blog.
awesome mann;
well yeah, she actually updates it.
im so proud.
geniues? is that how you spell it.
my brains not well D:
and yeah, basically if you're againts mannnyou.
you're in for a treat :D


this ain't hollywood;

hey there the human race (:
and to all other species : BLINK ;
yeah, just to let the know im still alive.
well for those of you who don't care, well, you must be really lifeless to still read my dead blog.
yeah, sorry to those who link me and i take up space in your blog side pane thinggy.
heh; figures.
basically, the holidays are here.
yeah, big shocker;
my school is having jollygood exams after the holiday.
just watched a bunch load of cook and archie videos on youtube;
ahhh you tube, what would i do without you.
newayss, i'll update some other time on more worth-to-blog-about stuff.
picture updates as soon as i plug that camcord thinggamajig into the computer :D
till then,
the original,
get it now :)
private joke.