Sunday, June 1, 2008


happyyyy birthday (belated/soon to come) to the following people. you guys mean the world to me and i wish you guys the best of everything and may god bless you.
JUSTIN: 31may. you're great. thanks for being one of my closest bestest friends and insulting me and feeling sorry after that. i really cherish those moments. and i will *promise* :P mention you in a thank you speech. ha's
ALLYNA GOH:10june. allyna, the bestest friend a girl could ever dream of. the one who always helps mates trough *cough* guy trouble. i love this awesome girl !! ((: thanks for all the laughs.. well and tears too *of joy*i'm sure
SHUK LING: 24june. practically the most awesome chick ever! arsenal fan *yay's* music advisor *double yay* you can call her anytime. and if she's crazy about a guy, she can go realll far, TRUST ME! thanks for spending your time talking to me all this while.
well, it's been great. well as everyone knows i'm LAZYYY i don't think i'll post about hol's :P
byeeee's (: