Friday, November 20, 2009

I want to hold your hand

I'm the brightest sunshine in your life,
Guess who has invaded reflectedlove?!
It's me, HEE SHUK LING or also known as SHUKS - by most of my friends.
Emm is too lazy to 'revive' her blog so she sent me to do the job! I'm gonna do the best out of it.
Anywaaaaaay, what's wrong with Artiste these days?!
They are putting their tracks/songs for as long as six minutes! They just wasted another three minutes of the critics time if the song is a crap. If it's an amazing song, they gave the critics one of their greatest moments in life. Okay, that was just plain crap. I just wasted you readers another two minutes or so. I'm baaaad :P
Anyway! Let's go back to the main topic.
Emm went to the mall yesterday!
To celebrate Darien's birthday. He officially turned fourteen yesterday. Aww, congratulations to him.
Unfortunately, he was the only guy among his eight other female friends.
I wanted to write girl friends but it will give a bad impression to other people about Darien.
So yeah, anyway, he turned fourteen yesterday!
THE MOST AMAZING THING IS, I WAS THERE TOO! Hahah! Not really the most amazing thing but yeah.
Once again, I'm crapping.
ANYWAY! They watched 2012 in cinema hall 9 at 2.15pm.
Hahah! I was also in that cinema, at the same time with my friends!
They were at row F and I was at row B :D
Oh by the way, Emm treated Darien for lunch, I THINK && she bought him cakes but sadly, Darien is a non-chocolate-friendly person.
Well, I think that is enough for a first invation :D
oohhoo, goodnight, people!
:D :D :D

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